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I have moved!

This blog has moved. You may now find me at:

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Running every day made me sore. Running every day at dawn (when I should be sleeping!) made my leg muscles tight and my back sore. Taking a day off would be the sensible thing to do, but I had vowed … Continue reading

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I think one definition of a good friend is that they can tell you what to do and you don’t mind. Or, maybe you mind a little, but you realize that what they are telling you to do makes a … Continue reading

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New Habits

They met me, one after the other, all dressed in black. “What’s going on? Did I miss a memo?” My women friends from the university were meeting me at an Irish restaurant and had, apparently without prearrangement, all decided to … Continue reading

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Italian Love

I don’t know anything about Dante. I know he described the Inferno and the sign leading into it that read, “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.” I vaguely understood that there were circles of hell where things went (as … Continue reading

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Peace Lily

It was nearly dead when I moved in. The Peace Lily was sad and brown and had ceased to bloom long ago. It was in the same unattractive green pot it had been in when I purchased it at a … Continue reading

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The Bank

I’ve decided to rent out my house. There are lots of sensible reasons to do this. I have two more years in graduate school. I could use the money. The house sits empty all winter and my father tells me … Continue reading

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Milo has gotten fat. Of course, our vet does not put it this way. Milo’s veterinarian is sensitive and well-informed. He discusses the potential for joint stiffness and the possible treatments and their various advantages and disadvantages and the fact … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Tracks

Milo spent the day tracking dinosaurs. We are camping in northern New Mexico where, according to the signs in the state park, dinosaurs left their tracks. We pulled in late— too late to see our own tracks, never mind the … Continue reading

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Are You Having Fun?

I’ll be home for Mother’s Day. School is over for the semester. My obligations as a teacher and a student are, temporarily, finished. For a little while I go back to being a person without a schedule. It is a … Continue reading

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