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Crowd Control

Living alone, I sometimes feel odd going out by myself at night. But tonight, I got a last-minute e-mail telling me that help was needed for a speech being given by Sherman Alexie. I didn’t know much about Sherman Alexie. … Continue reading

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Inspiration Drive

My dog Milo and I are getting to know our new neighborhood. We had a well-established walking route from our old house, but the old neighborhood was laid out in perfectly square blocks, so there was little variation and no … Continue reading

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Tamara from Taos

I haven’t baked bread since I came to New Mexico. I used to bake bread nearly every day. But living in Hector’s overcrowded home discouraged my culinary aspirations. The oven was filled with cookware. The countertop was covered with skeletons … Continue reading

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Blue Smoke

I’m getting to know the guys at Blue Smoke—and I am not sure this is a good thing. Blue Smoke is a moped and scooter garage. The owner and employees are all young men with lots of tattoos, very short … Continue reading

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