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There was water everywhere. Water burst out of fountains, it tumbled down falls, it filled up ponds full of koi. Water cascaded down the front of stone sculptures, it trickled through a cattail marsh, it formed still pools. There was … Continue reading

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Room for Rent

The three of us all showed up at the same time. It wasn’t planned that way; that’s just how it turned out. After repeated attempts to make my current accommodations work, I concluded that a change was needed. I was … Continue reading

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They’re not kids, of course. They are college students and adults. They can vote and serve in the military. They are enrolled in university and this is their first semester of their first year. I teach their first class in … Continue reading

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The Tattooed Lady

I don’t have any tattoos. I didn’t used to think that was unusual, but then I didn’t used to spend a lot of time on a university campus. I figure by the time I’m 80, I’ll be the only person … Continue reading

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