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Daniel finally came to see me. I say finally because it seemed like it had been a very long time. He stepped outside of my landlord Hector’s house and into the backyard saying, “I wonder if Milo will remember me,” … Continue reading

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Outside Dog

Milo is sitting outside my window as I write this. He is standing on an extension ladder. (Don’t be alarmed, the ladder is laying down.) He is making little whimpering noises as I type. I say, “It’s okay, Milo. Good … Continue reading

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Making Ourselves Useful

This weekend Milo finally found a job. Back home at the farmhouse, my dog Milo has a lot of responsibilities. His nemesis, the woodchuck, lives under the barn and keeps him in a state of constant vigilance. Squirrels would occupy … Continue reading

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Scooter Girl

Several years ago I bought a moped made by the Hero Majestic Motor Company of India. The scooter is made for working class Indians to navigate the traffic of Mombai, usually with at least one passenger on the back. On … Continue reading

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