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Paris was everything it is supposed to be and a lot more. Because I am visiting my friend, Lanni, who lives in Paris, I expected that I would not do a lot of the usual tourist things. But I certainly … Continue reading

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Flying to Paris, I came through Montreal and had a few hours to kill. I had never been to Montreal so I thought it would be fun to sneak out of the airport and see the city. My escape was … Continue reading

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Tippy Canoe

Daniel and I went camping and canoeing and we decided to take my dog Milo along. This was my last chance to go camping before flying to Paris. When I return, I’ll be packing to move to New Mexico where … Continue reading

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New Tires

With apologies to tire dealers and the people who love them, I hate buying tires. I don’t like thinking about my tires. I imagine they are always about to explode, cause injury, or cost me a fortune (possibly all three … Continue reading

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