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Room in my Luggage

Lanni would like me to bring her chocolate. Bringing chocolate to Paris seems a bit silly, but she doesn’t want good chocolate. “I want that peanut butter chocolate, what do you call it?” “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?” “Yes! that’s it. … Continue reading

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Comfortable Shoes

I’ve decided to go to Paris next month. I’m going to celebrate my birthday with my friend, Lanni, who just bought an apartment. I asked her if I should bring nice clothes as I’ve heard Parisians dress well. She said … Continue reading

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The Cheese Slicer

My old cheese slicer is as good as new. I don’t care what you say, they don’t make cheese slicers like they used to. My mother has a cheese slicer that works like a charm. She has had it all … Continue reading

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Evolving Tastes

I spent the weekend helping Daniel paint his spare bedroom. This was the bedroom his son lived in until he moved off to college. It was painted to look like an aquarium— from the fish’s perspective. While I am sure … Continue reading

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