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The Seed Machine

I have had a lot of jobs but they have rarely involved getting my hands dirty. In college, I briefly worked in a greenhouse transplanting geraniums. It was nice in the greenhouse early in the morning. I escaped the bitter … Continue reading

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Digging through the dirt, I keep finding them. Acorns buried by squirrels fill the garden beds where I am planting flowers. Some have been there a while and are beginning to sprout. These acorns are far from any oak tree, … Continue reading

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The Riverbed

I spent all of yesterday sitting on the ground prying rocks out of the mud. I’m still working with my friend Mary on her gardening and this gardening business is tougher than I was led to understand. I was tasked … Continue reading

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Border Crossing

I once took a bus from Kenya to Tanzania. The bus was overcrowded. The paved road ended after a few miles and the road we traveled was under construction. There was no air conditioning, so we had to keep the … Continue reading

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I’m pretty sure that most things that matter in life can be learned in a garden. My friend Mary is letting me help in her garden. I am a fairly inept gardener’s assistant. My mother and sister are wonderful gardeners … Continue reading

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