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I like to fly. I know this is not a fashionable thing to say. The fashionable thing to say is how crowded and uncomfortable flying has become, how air travel lacks charm and grace nowadays and how it used to … Continue reading

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Strange Weather

Woody emerged from the woods behind the barn, which seemed appropriate. My dog Milo, who had not seen Woody in a year, barked nervously at this intruder emerging from the forest until Woody called his name. “Oh yeah, that’s right,” … Continue reading

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Midlife Reinvention

I remember the first time someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I didn’t have an answer, but the question left quite an impression. I clearly remember climbing through the tall meadow grass (which may … Continue reading

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A Late Season Storm

I woke up last night to a late season snowstorm. It started early in the evening as a few large flakes drifted aimlessly onto the pine trees. The snow was pretty; I built up the fire in the fireplace and … Continue reading

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Spring Flight

I feel different this spring. It is not really spring, of course, but it is that time when a thaw seems inevitable and mud starts to gain dominion. Usually, this early spring thaw is a time I dread. Most winters, … Continue reading

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