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Ice Fishing

I lived in Africa for a while and when asked to describe the place where I was born I would tell people that, where I came from, it was possible to walk on top of a frozen lake and fish … Continue reading

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“I heated up your coffee cup before I put the coffee in,” Daniel said. “That’s what love looks like, in case you were wondering.” Daniel is a great giver of gifts, and they are usually the kind that matter most— … Continue reading

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Pirate Party

This past weekend my boyfriend Daniel and I went to the birthday party of his 3-year-old grandson, Jaxon. The party was held in a hall. I have been alive for a lot more than three years, and I have never … Continue reading

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Prairie Dogs

I was watching a show about prairie dogs. I learned that prairie dogs live in close-knit coteries and apparently, when prairie dogs from different coteries meet, they “stare at each other, chatter their teeth, and flare their tails.” They build … Continue reading

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