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The Spare Room

Daniel is cleaning out his spare room. This would not be significant except that the spare room is where most of what is left from his past lives has been interred. To Daniel’s credit, the spare room is small and … Continue reading

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The Workshop

I spent today in my dad’s workshop. My dad has always had a workshop. He built the house he lives in. Now that his house is complete, his projects are smaller. He built a tiny canoe for my nephew Beau … Continue reading

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Rocks In My Pockets

My mother has always been a slim woman, so slim that my father would joke he needed to put rocks in her pockets to keep her from blowing away on a windy day. It never happened of course. My mother … Continue reading

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Watching the Mailbox

With the holidays over, Daniel and I can settle down to the really important business of watching the mailbox. Just before Christmas, applications to grad school were due. The process would be stressful enough without complications. Ancient undergraduate transcripts had … Continue reading

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