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Lily Jo arrived with the first snow, because that is what her older sister had been told she would do. “Lily will come when there is snow on the ground,” Lily’s soon-to-be-mother said. Lily came a few weeks early, but … Continue reading

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Taking Stock

The hunt was successful, depending on how you determine success. A large, male deer with a lot of antlers on his head was taken down with a bullet and, apparently, fell like a tree. It was then dragged a considerable … Continue reading

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There is an old adage that we should write what we know. I’m sure this is good advice, but it makes more sense to write about what I don’t know, as there is so much more material. One of the … Continue reading

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Old Ideas

I’m at an age where I expected to be a little wiser than I am. I expected wisdom to arrive like a brilliant shining light accompanied by the sound of trumpets. Instead, when wisdom belatedly arrives, it looks more like … Continue reading

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