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I love Halloween. I love it for lots of reasons. I love that there is no expectations of gifts. I love that it is a bit less commercialized than many holidays. I love that it fosters creativity and gives kids … Continue reading

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Season’s Passage

I’m guessing the birds were confused. Daniel and I went camping in this usually warm weather we have been having. Tent camping in October is normally a daunting prospect in our part of the world. But this October, we loaded … Continue reading

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What Next

This past weekend, my boyfriend Daniel and I spent four hours in a windowless room on a beautiful fall day, answering impossibly complex questions on a computer screen. Then we stepped out of the building and blinked, disoriented in the … Continue reading

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Horn Tooting

For the past couple of months, Daniel and I have been preparing to take a college entrance exam as part of our scheme to return to grad school. Our areas of study are different, but the test is the same … Continue reading

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