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Hedge Balls

I saw hedge balls in the grocery store yesterday and thought of my grandma. I grew up too far north for hedge balls (also called “Osage-oranges” by people who like them). But my grandmother remembered them from rural Illinois where … Continue reading

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Being There

I spent yesterday in the hospital. Daniel was in for surgery and, as his girlfriend and official driver and emergency contact, I was supposed to assist in getting him home safely and be there on the off chance that things … Continue reading

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Loose Dog

Usually, Milo is a pretty good dog. Of course, he’s my dog, so there’s a chance I’m biased. I’ve watched Milo grow from the still-quite-small puppy (who was supposed to grow into a nice, medium-sized dog) that I adopted from … Continue reading

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Good Advice

A long time ago, when my young niece Isabelle was only four, I overheard her offer some memorable words of wisdom. She had excused herself from the table and gone to play with her dolls in the next room. One … Continue reading

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Lying Fallow

My garden is surrounded by 11-foot-tall daisies. They are not really daisies, I suppose, but they sure look like it. They are some sort of wild flowering plant that never grew there before, not before I persuaded my father and … Continue reading

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