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Playing Barbies

My neighbor Carol just found me on Facebook. This wouldn’t be noteworthy except that Carol was my neighbor when I was very young. Our backyards adjoined; my mother’s vegetable garden was just out of reach of the shade produced by … Continue reading

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The Diary

I found an old diary last week. I keep a pretty regular journal these days, but I didn’t used to. I had forgotten this diary existed until I went digging in the bottom of my old sewing machine cabinet. I … Continue reading

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The Mullin Grove

This past weekend was my family reunion. We have one every other year. My mother’s remaining siblings and their children, and grandchildren and now (yikes!) great grandchildren all assemble to eat a variety of salads involving mayonnaise and drink very … Continue reading

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I have decided to apply to graduate school. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I finally decided that I would like to repot my brain: put it into some fresh soil and give it a chance to … Continue reading

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