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Rough Handling

I saw it lying in the porch when I got home. It was in rough shape. “It” was a large painting that had been shipped overseas by my friend, Nora. I had been expecting it for a while and was … Continue reading

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Someday Plans

My body let me down this week. I was on our annual family camping trip. My parents, my sister and her family, my cousins and their children and my godmother and her new husband, David, were all in attendance. Daniel … Continue reading

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Second Sunset

My parents are blessed in many ways. They even get more sunsets than most people. I just visited my parents’ lake cabin up north. Their cabin sits high on a hill overlooking the water. You have to climb a lot … Continue reading

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I got busted for speeding this week. It wasn’t the police who stopped me. I was driving in a residential neighborhood and had just passed an intersection when I heard a yell. A man with a broom was yelling and … Continue reading

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