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Summer Vacation

Summertime makes me think of hot vinyl car seats. Early July is when my family would leave on our annual summer vacation. We would scramble to pack the car, the camper would be attached to the hitch of our green … Continue reading

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I spent the last few days being sick. Being sick in the winter is one thing. You are supposed to be cuddling under down comforters in January. Walking around in three layers of clothing with a bright red nose does … Continue reading

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Good Advice

My sister had a squirrel in her basement this past weekend. She did what any sensible person would do under the circumstances. She called her father. My dad is full of good advice which he will offer freely whether you … Continue reading

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My niece Isabelle is coming to stay with me next week. My sister and her husband have done a terrific job teaching Isabelle the difference between wants and needs. At age eight, Isabelle will usually say, “I don’t need it— … Continue reading

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My friend Nora irritated me yesterday and I caught a bad case of self-righteousness. Self-righteousness is a seductive feeling. Suddenly I am very wise. I know everything. I am buoyed up by the energy of being absolutely right in a … Continue reading

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