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My friend, Nora, really likes her stuff. Nora is a confirmed pack rat who’s had years to accumulate stuff. Now she is moving to another continent and faced with loading her voluminous collection of stuff into containers to transport. I … Continue reading

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The Path

My parents are making a path to nowhere. I spent the weekend helping them. The weather was gray and overcast. We got covered in wood ticks and mud. There was some urgency because the leaves were coming out on the … Continue reading

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Small Containers

This past week, I had a terrible time finding a card that even remotely reflected the relationship I have with my mother. Let me make clear, my mom and I have a very good relationship. We have a relationship free … Continue reading

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My friend, Lanni, asked me what she should do. This was a treat, as Lanni is usually the one giving me advice. When I indulge in self-pity, she’s the one who will advise, “take a spoonful of cement princess and … Continue reading

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