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Noises in the Basement

├é┬áNoises were coming from my basement. They were not noises I could identify. For the record: if there is a noise coming from your basement that you cannot identify, there is an excellent chance that it does not bode well. … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

It’s spring, and you know what that means. I had a nice time at the annual book club retreat, a couple of weeks ago, which was not surprising. The only real surprise of the weekend was learning that I was … Continue reading

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Milo knew I was going the wrong way. My dog Milo and I have been taking the same trail all winter. It is the same trail we take all summer, spring and fall. We have easily walked this trail 200 … Continue reading

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I like to read books and I read very few. Somehow, curling up with a good book when there are things I could be doing or should be doing just seems… wrong. Instead, I find something that I think is … Continue reading

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