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In Between

It is the time of year when winter has more or less ended, but nothing good has taken its place. I’m a big fan of the seasons. I lived for a while where there really weren’t any, at least not … Continue reading

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We had just gotten off the converted school bus and Daniel was working his way through his second Belikin (the official beer of Belize), still recovering from his first experience on a third class bus. We were enjoying curry and … Continue reading

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Too Busy

Daniel and I had been warned that Belize was a crazy city. Before leaving, we heard from a few folks who had been to Belize, and the one thing they agreed on was that we should avoid Belize City as … Continue reading

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Daniel and I are planning a vacation. We’ve been dating for a year or so and this is our first real vacation together, so it’s likely that it will be an opportunity for unprecedented intimacy. This is exactly what worries … Continue reading

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Slide Show

I saw the boxes in my parents’ attic. I was at my parents’ home with my sister, her husband, and their two children. There were too many of us to fit in the spare bedrooms so I climbed the ladder … Continue reading

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