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The Pheasant

The pheasant came out of the ditch and exploded against the side of my truck in a flurry of feathers as I drove down the rural state highway. I was driving to see my parents at their lake home “up … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

This past week was Valentine’s Day, the day we honor romantic love. I have a hard time with love, which is about the same as saying that I am still human and about as much consolation. If you fall in … Continue reading

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Scaredy Cats

If you don’t have a single unreasonable fear, you can just stop reading. I don’t like putting air in my tires. I know this sounds foolish. I believe it is foolish. But when I begin filling the tire with air, … Continue reading

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It is hard to resist the urge to borrow trouble. It is hard to simply let things be. I realize my desire to control the future and make trouble where there is none will always be something I struggle with, … Continue reading

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