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I have never known how to dance. I took some dance classes, when I was much younger. I remember the teachers would look hopefully at me, as I did the floor stretches, because I looked like someone who could dance—as … Continue reading

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What do you say when there is no time left for talking? I was wondering this, after I had the privilege of hearing Earnie Larsen speak last week. He passed away on Tuesday after a ferocious fight with pancreatic cancer. … Continue reading

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Letting Myself Go

I remember, years ago, that one of the worst things you could say about an “older woman,” (that would be a woman the age that I am now) is that they had, “let themselves go.” I had the impression that … Continue reading

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The Right Ingredients

I don’t bake a lot of cakes and that was obvious this weekend. Daniel likes sweets and I rarely have any on hand. So when my sister gave me a wonderful box of raspberries picked from her garden last summer, … Continue reading

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