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Freezing Rain

This past weekend I drove home in the freezing rain. The evening started out very nice. I took my seven-year-old niece, Isabelle, out shopping, to dinner and then to a play. We went to our favorite consignment shop and tried … Continue reading

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The first snow fell this week. Milo did what dogs always do the morning after the first snow, he dashed out the door and froze in his tracks. “What the heck is this?!” This is only Milo’s second winter, so … Continue reading

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I never liked raking. As a kid, I would prefer to be assigned to cleaning out the eaves troughs. Even if I was a little afraid of heights, even if there were unknowable things buried in the slimy leaves, I … Continue reading

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I am afraid of mice. This is an embarrassing admission, as I used to think of myself as someone who was not afraid of much. I am finding out that this is not true, and mice are on the long … Continue reading

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