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I’ve had some pretty funny ideas about love. For a while, I used to think that maybe love was like some sort of foot fungus. I thought that I might not notice it right away. It would be a bit … Continue reading

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Because this is a column about my life it is, by definition, personal. I don’t know what I imagined when I began writing it. Somehow I thought that my journey as a newly divorced woman, returning to Wisconsin, adopting a … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mom

It was my mother’s birthday on Sunday. Because the date was 10/10/10 and because it was her 75th birthday, (I don’t think she minds me mentioning) it was an especially big event and required what my family would call “a … Continue reading

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“What is there to like about autumn?” my hairdresser asked me. I was stymied for a moment, because I had a hard time thinking of anything I didn’t like about autumn. I don’t get my hair done very often, so … Continue reading

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A Big Fish

Because Daniel lives three hours away, when I visit him the other two members of my household, Lucy and Milo, come along as well. This suits Lucy perfectly. She finds staying in one place tedious. I have never known a … Continue reading

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