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Colored Glass

Daniel and I were driving down the road, on our way to dinner, when we saw the glass. We pulled off the road and looked at the tables standing outdoors, covered with brightly colored glassware outside a ramshackle shop. The … Continue reading

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That’s What Dogs Do

Milo killed a squirrel today. I don’t know who was more surprised, Milo, the squirrel, or me. Milo is always chasing squirrels, but in the past he has never come close to a conquest. He dashes off with a low … Continue reading

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Sweet Things

“Nobody needs a whole stick of gum,” my mother used to say. She would also remind us that nobody needs a whole bottle of pop, and certainly “nobody needs that much sugar.” My sister and I love to say this … Continue reading

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Disco Lights

The weather was perfect, and everyone was glad since the ceremony was outdoors. We all sat on the edge of a golf course, with giant white pines overhead and a stiff breeze. I was surrounded by northern Minnesota accents. The … Continue reading

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