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I had my friend Andy over last week. Andy is my oldest friend, a term he does not like, as it could be interpreted to mean he is very old (and he is older than me—by one year). But he … Continue reading

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Late Summer

I could not ignore what I saw this morning out my bathroom window. The large maple tree right outside my window had a branch turning bright red right before my eyes. It was like looking in the mirror and noticing … Continue reading

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Know Your Role

My Auntie Jo got married yesterday. My aunt is in her early 70’s and so is her new husband. It is a 2nd marriage for them both, a marriage that came after careful thought and the blessings of both families … Continue reading

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I like to watch families camping. I like to see how they create a new, temporary life and keep everyone warm and fed. I like watching families set up tents, build campfires, and earnestly work together to create elaborate rock … Continue reading

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