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The Robin

For more than a year, we thought the venerable old Robin was dead. My family has kept a bundle of letters in continuous circulation for close to 50 years. We call it the “Round Robin.” It is correspondence from my … Continue reading

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Yesterday I spent a couple hours lost in the woods. I was with Daniel, which made it better, and I had a stomachache, which made it worse. The stomachache came on just as we were deciding whether or not to … Continue reading

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My squash didn’t come up at all this spring. The heavy rains came, and all my little sprouts rotted where they stood. This left me with a big, vacant spot in my garden where I had planted buttercup squash and … Continue reading

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4th of July

Daniel and I arrived for the 4th of July festivities wearing red, white and blue Dr. Seuss-style hats and feeling particularly patriotic. We had spent the previous week vacationing along the Canadian border and were feeling a justifiable pride in … Continue reading

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I am writing this on a camping trip with Daniel. This is our first vacation together, our first time camping, and certainly a stress test on our six-month-old relationship. Camping is life conducted in miniature. Arcane and detailed systems must … Continue reading

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