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Blessings in Disguise

They say that blessings come in disguise. If so, my blessings are poorly disguised. They show up wearing false noses and funny eyeglasses and are easily recognizable unless I am being completely thick-headed—and it is remarkable how often I am. … Continue reading

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My friend Lanni thinks I have a peaceful and carefree life, living alone and writing, with no office to annoy me or co-workers to deal with. She was complaining about inter-office politics and how her co-worker in Paris was trying … Continue reading

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Baking Bread

I never baked bread before I lived in Africa. There were only one or two bakeries in Lagos—a city of 17 million people—where you could buy a decent loaf of bread. This seems incredible, but it’s true. West Africans have … Continue reading

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Dreaming of a garden is much easier than actually making one. I have been dreaming of having a garden since I lived in Africa, where all I had were a few flowering plants that grew to a frightening, alien-like size … Continue reading

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