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I’m a very slow runner. I hesitate to call myself a runner at all, actually. I don’t compete in races. I’ve never done any long distance running. I don’t know what my heart rate is, or my average speed, or … Continue reading

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Blessings in Disguise

They say that blessings come in disguise. If so, my blessings are poorly disguised. They show up wearing false noses and funny eyeglasses and are easily recognizable unless I am being completely thick-headed—and it is remarkable how often I am. … Continue reading

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Neon Tetras

Daniel and I had our first real fight last weekend. We have been seeing each other now for five months and have found little to disagree about, which is rather remarkable in that we both hold strong opinions and have … Continue reading

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The Fire

I received a phone call from a stranger yesterday. My dog Milo wears a tag that says, “Hello! My name is Milo!” with my name and phone number in case he is ever lost. What was intended as emergency contact … Continue reading

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The other day I found a bird’s nest. It was from a previous summer, buried tightly in the branches of a fallen tree. I held the tiny thing in my hand and was surprised to see that it shone in … Continue reading

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